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Construction sites and supply properties can be susceptible to a range of serious security risks, from vandalism and theft to legal complications. Not having an adequate security system in place can be extremely costly – in the United States, theft at construction sites alone can amount to millions or even billions of dollars annually.

Our Live Remote Guard has proven to be a cost-efficient security solution for construction sites and supply facilities, as AI-driven analytics and experienced operators are able to detect, intervene, and prevent crime before it occurs. Numerous criminal attempts have already been thwarted by this service.


Why Choose Us

 Get in touch with us to learn more about our Remote Guard and Intervention services.

100% U.S. Based

All of our highly-trained operators are located in a state-of-the-art monitoring center within the United States.

Minimal/No Hardware Installation

We will always collaborate with you to guarantee that your Live Remote Guard can be conveniently integrated with any momentary or already existing video security system at your facility.

Low Deployment Cost

The amount of cameras needed for a site is not predetermined; the amount that you pay for is only based on the quantity you require.

Critical Security Concerns


You have valuable possessions like copper or wood stored away that could attract the wrong kind of attention. Our Live Remote Guarding and Intervention services can effectively stop criminals from taking advantage.



It is widely known that construction sites and supply centers are targets for people who can cause harm to expensive machinery and materials, resulting in large expenditures to repair or replace. With Code4Virtual, we will always be vigilantly monitoring for intruders and keeping them away before any destruction of property happens.




Due to the complexity of the situation, chaotic weather, and hazardous machinery, there is an extensive scope of potential hazards. To guarantee that safety regulations are followed, Live Remote Guard must be employed to monitor the situation consistently.

Security Guards

Security guards on patrol may be able to dissuade some criminals, but it is difficult for them to come across intruders, particularly when they are patrolling a large area. Live Remote Guard and Intervention can help by providing trained surveillance to many places simultaneously.