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Corporate Campuses

Campuses Face Serious Risks


To effectively prevent and deter malicious activity, security decision-makers must be aware of all potential threats, such as espionage, destruction, theft, fraud, and violence. Physical security leaders have declared that attaining the highest level of awareness is essential in order to deploy the proper countermeasures. Increased 

visibility and early intervention are instrumental in preventing unwanted incidents. To achieve this, organizations must have access to a sophisticated and reliable security solution.



Why Choose Us

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100% U.S. Based

All of our highly-trained operators are located in a state-of-the-art monitoring center within the United States.

Minimal/No Hardware Installation

We will always collaborate with you to guarantee that your Live Remote Guard can be conveniently integrated with any momentary or already existing video security system at your facility.

Low Deployment Cost

The amount of cameras needed for a site is not predetermined; the amount that you pay for is only based on the quantity you require.

Protect Your Corporate Campus

Code4Virtual’s Remote Guarding employs video surveillance, analytics, and instantaneous audio intervention to detect and intervene in unwanted activities right away, thereby reducing risks and liabilities, monitoring multiple locations simultaneously, increasing security, and decreasing security costs, and granting access control and intervention.



Vehicle dealerships are deeply worried about the outcomes of theft, as they have costly parts and accessories like catalytic converters, stereos, navigation systems, and even wheels. Our Live Remote Guard is able to surveil movement in car parks and can quickly stop any criminal activity with active aid from a professional, remote specialist.



We’ve all seen the destruction that vandals leave behind at dealerships – shattered windshields, graffiti, punctured tires, and scratched paint. It’s a costly problem, with replacements for damaged items costing thousands of dollars. Code4Virtual will help to keep an eye out for any potential intruders and prevent any damage from taking place.


Multiple Locations:

The expense of hiring security guards can add up quickly; however, they can only be in one place at a time, making them vulnerable to intruders. Live Remote Guard and Intervention provides 24/7/365 surveillance of multiple locations with modern video and two-way audio, and can quickly identify and intervene when needed.



Determining responsibility for car damage is a vital part of protecting car dealerships. Whether it’s damage to customers’ cars in service lanes, or injuries to guards attempting to apprehend a criminal, we are able to manage the liability issues. Live Remote Guard and Intervention not only reduces liability by replacing guards in dealerships, but it also provides better security for a much lower price.