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Remote Guard Access Control

The combination of hardware and software allows us to offer a comprehensive connected building platform and security management system with access control, alarm monitoring, video badging, and Remote Monitoring System 24/7.


This ensures that you can adhere to the toughest industry regulations and decrease the total cost of ownership by enhancing operator performance with outstanding flexibility and scalability.

Remote Guard Surveillance

Remote Doorman

A system of monitoring entry which does not require a person to be physically present. The Remote Doorman can identify and document a person’s details and, if they meet the necessary criteria, grant access to a restricted area or entrance

Remote Gate Guard

Some organizations such as Jewelry Stores, Banks, Pawn Shops, Check Cashing, etc., are mandated by insurance or their own rules to have two personnel present when they open or close. The Code4Virtual’s remote gate guard is designed to fulfill this requirement.