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Remote Guard Intervention

Our Video Intervention service can help to decrease the amount of false alarms and quickly alert the police when an alarm is triggered. This will help to cut down on law enforcement response times, raise the possibility of catching an intruder, and lower the potential for loss or damage.

Video Intervention Solution

Code4Virtual’s Video system integrates the newest in digital security with 24/7 monitoring and vocal contact. It accumulates auditory and visual information, scans for discrepancies to secure the boundaries of the premises, and offers you with instant access to live and stored audio and video recordings on your mobile gadgets.


Live voice messages also furnish additional protection against theft and unauthorized entry. This all-inclusive intervention service will increase the chances of prompt police response, reduce losses, and augment apprehension rates.

Our Service Includes

  • Our monitoring center has the newest equipment with high-definition IP and thermal cameras, along with wired and wireless video storage to suit your specific business requirements.


  • Our specialists can analyze alert signals, play audio warnings to intruders, and share video recordings with law enforcement for quick action.


  • Our mobile app allows you to watch security events as they occur, check up on staff, and observe your premises around the clock from anywhere.


How It Works

Alarm Activated

The alarm and video recordings are sent to our surveillance center.

Monitoring Center Notified

Security personnel examine alarm data and footage to confirm a breach.

Dispatch Outcome

Unauthorized people and trespassers are informed verbally, and law enforcement is alerted if the verbal warnings are disregarded.

You can login to a secure mobile app to view both live and recorded video of the incident